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The rooms of Cal Crispí
All rooms have a full bathroom, lots of light and a complete range of amenities
Clàssic room Occupancy max: 2 Size: 18 sqm Price from: 55 €
La Tres room Occupancy max: 3 Size: 26 sqm Price from: 60 €
Grand Suite Occupancy max: 5 Size: 37 sqm Prive from: 105 €
Attic campanar view Occupancy max: 2 Size: 18 sqm Price from: 55 €
                        In   the   heart   of   Prades,   to   about   1,000   meters   high,   you’ll find   Cal   Crispí,   a   village   house   built   at   the   end   of   the   19th century,   restored   and   rearranged   as   a   Boutique   Bed   &   Breakfast at the beginning of the 21st. On   Cal   Crispí   we   have   combined   the   charm   of   its   origins   and   the today's    functionality,    creating    an    unique,    warm    and    peaceful space.   Each   of   the   details   has   been   designed   to   offer   guests   comfort   and   well-being;   to make your stay  a pleasant experience. Cal   Crispí   is   the   ideal   place   to   live   the   rural   environment   without   haste,   to   explore   the Prades   Mountains   by   walking   along   the   forests   of   pine,   oaks   and   boxwood;   to   look   away from   peaks   and   ridges.   To   enjoy   the   relaxed   atmosphere   on   the   terraces   of   the   bars   at   the magical Plaça Major and the gastronomic offer of their restaurants
Pet Friendly (8 €/night) Breakfast without gluten, vegetarian ... free of charge with a prior notice Cot free of charge Bathroom amenities Complimentary equipped kitchen (shared)
Free Wi-Fi
Residència casa de pagès Casa de poble Inscrita en el Registre de Turisme de Catalunya núm. PT00193
Destinació de Turisme familiar
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Attic panorama Occupancy max: 3 Size: 23 sqm Price from: 60 €
Cal Crispí Whole house Occupancy max: 15 Price first night: 400 € Following nights: 175 €/night
Attic set Occupancy max: 5 Size: 53 sqm Price from: 180 €
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